The Creative Solution of Cloud Show
  • Exhibition on Cloud

    exhibition on cloud

    Driven Both by Online & Offline.Flow Guidance Both Outward & Inward Site. 

    To Lower cost and increase flow. 3D interface with the visible flow. 

    Self-touring and Communicate by Chance. 

    Deeply Communication and Precisely Contact. 

    The Visible Flow of Inbound. The Touchable and Precisely Client

  • To Show On-Line Which Offers an Interfac..

    Online display Docking platform

    Image and Text/Audio & Video/To Show on Live-Broadcasting

    The Exhibitor Could Contact Anytime and Recommend Produc

    The Show Room with Different Theme

    The Show Room with Different Theme 

    To Increase Booth Infinitely

  • Live Broadcast Marketing

    Live marketing

    Various Kinds of Way for Live Broadcast

    More Convenient for Interaction in Live Broadcast

    More Immersed in The Live Room

  • VIP Room

    VIP room

    Private Discussion with The Key Client in The VIP Room

    The Exhibitor is able to hold a smallsized promotion meeting in the VIP room

    and the exhibitor could also publish an announcement for the topic forum at the backstage.

  • Topic Forum

    Special forum

    The Stage Set of Forum

    Interaction in Forum

    The Function of Keynote Speaker

     The Setup of Attendee

Application Way
  • Large-Sized Show

  • Large-Sized Forum and Conference

  • Large exhibition

  • Large-Sized Job Fair

  • Technological Innovation

    Three Kinds of Technology Engine Which are Researched and Developed on Our Own

    Higher Technological Barrier

    Over 40 Kinds of Copyright

    Various Kinds of Innovation Patent

    High-Tech Enterprises

  • To Gather Flow with High Efficiency

    To Break The Limits of Time and Place

    To Gather Potential Users with High Efficiency

    To Reduce The Cost for Promotion of Organizer

    To Make Users Transformation Effectively

    To Focus on The precisely Customers

  • To Commonly Share The Super Flow

    To Make Super Flow Venue

    To Bring More Increased Flow for Organizer with Zero Cost and Zero Risk

  • The Creative Profit Mode

    On-line & Off-line Show which are Opening Together

    To Be Driven by Both Ways

    To Create New Way of Profit for Organizer

Three Kinds of Technology Engine
  • 1

    3D/VR Engine

    3D/VR Engine which are Researched and Developed on our Own

    To Make a Virtual Reality by Innovation

  • 2

    Engine for Audio Communication

    256 Sets of Individual Channel for Audio Communication

    One to One, One to More, More to More Communication in The Meantime

  • 3

    Separated Server Engine

    Separated Cluster Deployment

    Highly Concurrence, Highly Loading and Highly Stability

SaaS System in The Galaxy Exhibition Center of China
  • Management System

  • Organizer

  • The Exhibitor

  • Purchaser

  • Commodity Show System with Multimedia 

    The System of Exhibitor's Firm Brief

    Communication and Negotiation System

    The Inquiry System of Exhibitor's Credit

    The Estimation System of Exhibitor

    The Purchaser and Credit Estimation System

    The Risk Evaluation and of Business System

  • Management of Show Scene

    The Establishment and Management of Meeting in Exhibition Center

    Booth Management

    Intelligent Audio Communication

     Management of Exhibitor

    Management of Purchaser

    The Establishment of Fair Model

    To Look Up and Manage The Exhibitor's Credit/Estimation

    The Establishment of Multimedia

     To Look Up The Purchaser's Credit

    The Establishment and Management of Commercial in Exhibition Center

    Management of Exhibitor's Data

  • The Exhibitor's Logging on Backstage

    Meeting Room/Establishment and

    Management of Live Broadcast Room

    To Choose The Model of Booth

    To Set up The Staff's 3D Image

    To Upload The Data of Booth

    Intelligent Audio Communication

     To Play with Multimedia

    To Get The Purchaser's Info

    The Management of Exhibitor's Staff

     To Look Up and Manage The Exhibitor's Credit/Estimation

    To Upload The Enterprise's Data

     To Look Up The Purchaser's Credit

    To Get Exhibitor's info

  • To Get Exhibitor's Info

    Intelligent Audio Communication

    To Pay A Visit to Show/Look up The Venue's Data

    Participate in The Conference/Live Broadcasting

    Exhibitors’ Data/Biz Card Inquiry/Download

    Function of Address List

    To Look up Exhibitor's Data by Multimedia

    Setup of One'Own Info

    To Watch The Show by Option

    To Look up Exhibitor's Credit/Estimation

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