The Creative Solution of Cloud Show
  • Exhibition on Cloud

    exhibition on cloud

    Driven Both by Online & Offline.Flow Guidance Both Outward & Inward Site. 

     To Lower cost and increase flow. 3D interface with the visible flow. 

    Self-touring and Communicate by Chance. 

     Deeply Communication and Precisely Contact. 

    The Visible Flow of Inbound. The Touchable and Precisely Client

  • To Show On-Line Which Offers an Interfac..

    Online display Docking platform

    -Image and Text/Audio & Video/To Show on Live-Broadcasting

    -The Exhibitor Could Contact Anytime and Recommend Produc

    -The Show Room with Different Theme

    -The Show Room with Different Theme 

    -To Increase Booth Infinitely

  • Live Broadcast Marketing

    Live marketing

    -Various Kinds of Way for Live Broadcast

    -More Convenient for Interaction in Live Broadcast

    -More Immersed in The Live Room

  • VIP Room

    VIP room

    --Private Discussion with The Key Client in The VIP Room

    -The Exhibitor is able to hold a smallsized promotion meeting in the VIP room

    -and the exhibitor could also publish an announcement for the topic forum at the backstage.

  • Topic Forum

    Special forum

    -The Stage Set of Forum

    -Interaction in Forum

    -The Function of Keynote Speaker

     -The Setup of Attendee

Application Way
  • -Large-Sized Show

  • -Large-Sized Forum and Conference

  • arge exhibition

  • -Large-Sized Job Fair

  • Technological Innovation

     - Three Kinds of Technology Engine Which are Researched and Developed on Our Own

    - Higher Technological Barrier

    -Over 40 Kinds of Copyright

    -Various Kinds of Innovation Patent

    -High-Tech Enterprises

  • To Gather Flow with High Efficiency

    -To Break The Limits of Time and Place

    -To Gather Potential Users with High Efficiency

    - To Reduce The Cost for Promotion of Organizer

    -To Make Users Transformation Effectively

    -To Focus on The precisely Customers

  • To Commonly Share The Super Flow

    -To Make Super Flow Venue

    -To Bring More Increased Flow for Organizer with Zero Cost and Zero Risk

  • The Creative Profit Mode

    -On-line & Off-line Show which are Opening Together

    -To Be Driven by Both Ways

    - To Create New Way of Profit for Organizer

Three Kinds of Technology Engine
  • 1

    -3D/VR Engine

    -3D/VR Engine which are Researched and Developed on our Own

    -To Make a Virtual Reality by Innovation

  • 2

    Engine for Audio Communication

    -256 Sets of Individual Channel for Audio Communication

    -One to One, One to More, More to More Communication in The Meantime

  • 3

    Separated Server Engine

    -Separated Cluster Deployment

    --Highly Concurrence, Highly Loading and Highly Stability

SaaS System in The Galaxy Exhibition Center of China
  • Management System

  • Organizer

  • The Exhibitor

  • Purchaser

  • -Commodity Show System with Multimedia 

    -The System of Exhibitor's Firm Brief

    -Communication and Negotiation System

    -The Inquiry System of Exhibitor's Credit

     -The Estimation System of Exhibitor

      -The Purchaser and Credit Estimation System

     -The Risk Evaluation and of Business System

  • -Management of Show Scene

    -The Establishment and Management of Meeting in Exhibition Center

    -Booth Management

    -Intelligent Audio Communication

     -Management of Exhibitor

    -Management of Purchaser

    -The Establishment of Fair Model

    -To Look Up and Manage The Exhibitor's Credit/Estimation

    -The Establishment of Multimedia

     -To Look Up The Purchaser's Credit

    The Establishment and Management of Commercial in Exhibition Center

    -Management of Exhibitor's Data

  • -The Exhibitor's Logging on Backstage

    -Meeting Room/Establishment and

    Management of Live Broadcast Room

    -To Choose The Model of Booth

    -To Set up The Staff's 3D Image

    -To Upload The Data of Booth

    -Intelligent Audio Communication

     -To Play with Multimedia

    -To Get The Purchaser's Info

    -The Management of Exhibitor's Staff

     -To Look Up and Manage The Exhibitor's Credit/Estimation

    -To Upload The Enterprise's Data

     -To Look Up The Purchaser's Credit

    -To Get Exhibitor's info

  • -To Get Exhibitor's Info

    -Intelligent Audio Communication

    -To Pay A Visit to Show/Look up The Venue's Data

    -Participate in The Conference/Live Broadcasting

     -Exhibitors’ Data/Biz Card Inquiry/Download

     -Function of Address List

     -To Look up Exhibitor's Data by Multimedia

     -Setup of One'Own Info

    -To Watch The Show by Option

    -To Look up Exhibitor's Credit/Estimation

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