The Galaxy Exhibition Center of China

Galaxy exhibition is a product of online exhibition and exchange activities. Exhibitors only need to put the products into Galaxy exhibition system to complete the exhibition, and can communicate with customers one-to-one, one-to-n and n-to-n.

Cloud SOHO

Cloud SOHO is the first cloud building in the world, which is the application of SaaS in enterprise, that mainly offers enterprise the new type of synergy cloud office. Moreover, that makes the real office scene virtualized, which also makes the person from different place work in the same cloud office, in order to contact and work together, to make intelligent audio communication immediately come true.

Cloud Meeting Room

Cloud Meeting Room, the true cloud meeting room with 360° perspective,not group chat, but the real meeting! With the virtual reality to create the real meeting scene on cloud, which is different from the normal video meeting with group chatting. That is easier to operate, which feels like a ceremony. The cloud meeting room, to take part in the meeting with one link, which will be linked with the team and clients all over the world, so the meeting will be easier and more effectively.