• Leading in The Market

    One of the earliest to apply VR technology into cloud synergy office and promote in the world.

  • Reduce Cost and Rise Efficiency

    100% rental cost and 90% cost of management are saved, and management efficiency is 100% increased.

  • Core Technology

    With the self-research and development of six years, over 40 sets of copyright of software and several patents for invention.

  • Constantly Making Profit

    It is a kind of constantly service firm, with the super product which is constantly making profit.

  • Competitive Product

    It is a kind of creative application in 5G time, which is also a kind of both revolutionary and competitive ones.

  • Huge Demand

    Hundreds of billions of market demand, which covers over 30 billion office workers and 40 million firms.

  • High Rate Return

    We will share most part of profit with agents, that the profit easily amouts to one million each year.

  • Blue Ocean Market

    The only one kind of office software that with the characteristic of immersed experience and visible management.

Support for Agents
Requirement for Agents

The franchisee shall be a legally established and existing company or other business entity (excluding natural person)

Agent Check-Up
  • Zheng Wei

    The appearance of Cloud SOHO has completely resolved the middle-size and small firm’s problem of office rental, so most of the office buildings will be replaced gradually in the future, and the office building’s emptiness appears in the next decade gradually.

  • Dai Rui

    Cloud SOHO, which has totally become a new kind of experience for work, because the firm is not needed to pay rental, which is completely available for recruitment and talent-attraction; the appearance of Cloud SOHO has totally changed my mind about the current office building.

  • Liu Bin

    Cloud SOHO is a chance of double win both for enterprise and employee. This kind of smart way will be helpful to make employees feel healthier and happier, And which is also available to inspire the employee’s enthusiasm. As the employer, this way will be helpful to improve employee’s dedication, raise everyone’s morale, in order to attract and keep talents.

  • Shi Jiangqiang

    With the rapidly rise of individual economy, the mode of daily work will be diversified, the free lancers appear more and more, and the employment of many-to-many also appears, so the long-distance-work will be “rigid demand”, and the Cloud SOHO appears just in time.

Procedure for Becoming An Agent


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